2nd Mortgage

2nd Mortgage!

A 2nd Mortgage is a secured mortgage loan taken against your property. This is an additional loan where already the primary mortgage exists. If you default on the mortgage, then you will have to pay your primary mortgage loan first but you are also obliged to pay the second mortgage as this is a secured mortgage loan. If you default on the 2nd mortgage then the 2nd mortgage lender can also declared foreclosure and sell your property to get his money back.


The Interest rate of the 2nd mortgage is generally higher than the first mortgage. So it is very very important for you to judge whether you can afford the mortgage payments or not. If it seemed that the interest rate is higher and you cannot afford an additional mortgage payments of the second mortgage, then it is better to avoid it, but 2nd mortgage is a great option to get quick cash when it is most needed link if you want to pay your medical bills or your child’s college fees.

So before going for a second mortgage loan, do a detailed market research and find out who can provide you the best rates and terms in the mortgage market.

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